About NEXT.exchange

NEXT.exchange is a public company registered in the Netherlands, as well as a Limited company in England and Wales. Our team is composed of highly experienced individuals and successful entrepreneurs.

In 2017, together as a team of young pioneers, we developed a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange platform, NEXT.exchange. Our platform provides individual Blockchain wallet addresses for each user for his or her assets, the ability to deposit, withdraw, and trade cryptocurrencies directly against fiat currencies.

Our goal is to make it 'easy and safe' to trade cryptocurrencies on a convenient user-friendly interface that connects social, company information and in-depth analyses to make it as simple as possible for our users to join the digital economy.

Together with our legal team and advisors, we are taking all of the necessary steps and measures in order to operate as a regulatory compliant hybrid exchange platform, as well as to maintain appropriate KYC/AML policies.

Meet the Team

Mean and clean, no overheads. Only successful entrepreneurs and business professionals with a proven track-record. Want to help us on our path towards a financial revolution? Then let's talk.

van Steenbergen

Serial entrepreneur, Founder of NEXT.exchange and CEO with a strong technical engineering background.

Gleb Jout

COO, leading the daily business operations within Next.exchange

Drs. Chris Haveman

Board advisor & Business
Strategy Operations

Mr. Rob van Dijk

Laywer & Head
of Legal Operations

Shagen Arzumanian

Social Community & Support Manager, ex-employee of Big 4 accounting firm.

Alina Suprun

Over 5 years of design experience. Notable affiliations include: Reebok, Nestle, TELE2, SAMSUNG, Adidas, Aeroflot, Bayer, Kia.

Andrew Massman

Full-stack Blockchain developer. Over 9 years of development experience working with BTC, Ethereum, XRP, Stellar, Monero, Hyperledger and smart contracts.

Nick Latuny

Experienced Project and Community Manager. Loves helping groups of people achieve a common goal and provide communities with needed results.

Anish Ravindranathan

Senior Server side, Desktop & Mobile application Developer, over 15+ years of experience in different PHP frameworks, JavaFX etc, also expert in SQL and NoSQL databases

Kapiton Smirnov

CEO/Co-founder of Popmechanic. SaaS company with clients from small business to big international corporations. Expert in digital marketing strategy and product building.

Faisal Khan

Experienced Social Media and Community Moderator. Aided in community management of Cryptocurrency based communities.

Sieger Joostens

Community manager and content creator. Active implementation of Blockchain and decentralized networks into education and businesses.

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