Tokensale details of ICO


Benefits for tokenholders:

  • Decreased transaction fees in trading (0,20% non-tokenholder, 0,05% tokenholders).
  • Early access to new project listings (up to 14 days).
  • Access to fiat gateway for USD/EUR (more local currencies will come).

Maximum cap on crowdsale: 96M NEXT tokens

Token type: NEXT (ERC20)

Total token supply: 120,000,000 (120M) tokens, of which:

  • 63% allocated for tokensale;
  • 17% allocated for presale;
  • 15% allocated for bounties, marketing and PR;
  • 5% goes to the founding team.

Ethereum ERC20 token

Purchase methods accepted: BTC, ETH & Bank transfer

ICO dates: November 20th - December 31th


  • How many tokens will be distributed?
    Maximum tokens
    The total amount of distributed tokens will be 96.000.000 NEXT tokens
  • What will happen with the unsold tokens?
    Unsold tokens are not going into circulation. The can choose to burn the unsold tokens.
  • What will happen with the tokens which are allocated to the founders?
    The founders have a 'lock-up' period of 12 months. They cannot sell their tokens till Jan 1th, 2019
  • What are the tokensale dates?
    Token ICO sale dates
    November 20th, 2017 (0:00) - December 31th,2017 (23:59)
    Token Price
    1000 NEXT = 1 ETH
  • How to buy tokens?
    Buying tokens
    You can buy NEXT tokens from current tokenholders. Next.Exchange is planning to launch a trading tool in week 4 of 2018. To keep informed, simply register for an account on You will receive an email as soon the trading starts.
    Buying from an exchange
    Don't send tokens from an exchange. Please read this article to get the tokens in your wallet.