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Important Instructions

  • Please note that it might take a while for a transaction to process. You can click here to see all of your transactions.
  • When an order is placed, it requires a certain amount of time for it to appear on the Blockchain.
  • If you are selling your tokens ▒[email protected]~S the amount will only be deducted once someone accepts your order.
  • An order can only be removed by the one who set the order, it may take some time for it to reflect on the Blockchain once it is removed.
  • Once an order is taken, Ethereum is sent directly to the seller and will take some time to reflect on the order status and your account balance.
  • All order information and data is stored and secure on a Blockchain network. Transactions are signed using metamask ▒[email protected]~S and we do not hold your private wallet key.
  • Please ensure you keep enough allowance set. Your allowance should always be equal to tokens open.

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