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BuzzCoin (BUZZ) planned

Add BuzzCoin to NEXT.exchange! http://buzzcoin.info Open Source Blockchain Implementation creating a sustainable BUZZ in the Energy and Bee Farming sectors. It is our MISSION to innovate in the Energy and Organic Bee Farming sector, impacting the real world with value while promoting a brighter and cleaner future. With BUZZ and the open possibilities that have been brought to us with blockchain technology, we aim to just that, and more. Using the BUZZ blockchain and clean energy contracts, our CurrentSee IoT Energy Masternode Meters will revolutionize consciousness awareness of commercial and residential energy consumption. Using the BUZZ blockchain and smart contracts, we are working to create Smart Hive technology that ensures sustainable Honey Bee populations worldwide. With Masternode Smart Hive Monitors, we will incentivize the local and organic industry in attempt to move away from cruel and unsustainable factory farming practices.

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