About NEXT.exchange

The NEXT Exchange

NEXT.exchange is a hybrid exchange platform that provides users with convenient, secure, and fast means of trading quality digital assets.

We are a:

  • Hybrid cryptocurrency exchange platform based in the Netherlands.
  • We are home to more than 100 cryptocurrencies. See our market.
  • We support all BTC, ETH, NEO, SYS, and XEM based assets.
  • Our users get to enjoy direct fiat to cryptocurrency trading for USD, EUR, CHF, RUB, GBP, YEN, TRY in addition to BTC, ETH, NEXT pairings.
  • We will provide regular financial audits on our corporate site, conducted by a big 4 accounting firm.
  • We are not pumping the volume by bots or automatic triggers.
  • Our platform does not rely on a central wallet for transactional purposes. Such a model is dangerous and unreliable. Instead, we provide our traders with individual Blockchain wallet addresses for each type of asset. We didn’t take the easy route, instead we opted for maximum transparency and security.