Meet Blockchain 4.0

The next generation blockchain

The combination of proven-technologies in one blockchain. Decentralized, realtime transactions, masternodes, escrow, storage of digital assets. We got it all covered! NEXT.chain is the blockchain that acts as the backbone for the NEXT.exchange hybrid trading platform. Developed in house by our team.

Based on Bitcoin core.
SHA 256 Mining pool (NEXT is merge mined with Bitcoin).
Asset deployments: Similar to ERC20 token creation.
We can tokenize real world assets, precious metals, works of art, fiat, property and more.
Real time transactions (up to 100,000 + transactions a second).
Desktop wallet application available.
For MAC, Windows, and Linux in 16 different languages.
Fully transparency of transactions through our Block explorer.
Native coin NEXTX paired with all cryptocurrencies on our platform.
A strong Masternode network.