Welcome to NEXT.exchange

NEXT.exchange is a public limited company (BV) registered in the Netherlands, as well as a Limited company (LTD) in England and Wales. The company’s legal entities and the core team of NEXT are based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The NEXT team consists of five core team members and three advisors.

Our team is diverse in nature and experience, all members have proven track records in software engineering, financial technology, management, and emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. Additionally, our team is supported by experienced advisors in the fields of regulatory compliance, management, software solutions, digital marketing, and blockchain technology.

Gleb Jout
Gleb Jout
Co-Founder, CEO
Chris van Steenbergen
Chris van Steenbergen
Co-Founder, CTO
Sieger Joostens
Sieger Joostens
Shagen Arzumanian
Social Community & Support
Alina Suprun
Senior Designer
Andrew Massman
Full-stack Blockchain developer
Nick Latuny
Experienced Project and Community Manager
Anish Ravindranathan
Senior Server side, Desktop & Mobile application Developer
Faisal Khan
Community Moderator
Kemal Gunduz
Analyst and support
Christopher Mobberley
Technical advisor

Building a hybrid and social community driven digital asset exchange that is easy to use.

In early 2018, we began building our hybrid cryptocurrency exchange and Blockchain, NEXT.chain. Our primary goal is to make the act of trading cryptocurrencies safe, secure, and easy while not compromising on functionality.

Together as a team, we are taking all of the steps necessary to provide excellent digital services and are taking necessary steps and measures to operate as a regulatory compliant company that caters to the Blockchain and cryptocurrency industries which maintains appropriate KYC/AML policies.

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