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Built on the blockchain

NEXT is built on her own blockchain NEXT.chain. Fueled by masternodes it can reach a high transaction throughput.

Individual wallets

Each user will retain full custody over their funds, and will soon gain access to their own private keys.

Regulatory compliant

We are an established Dutch and British company and aim to be in line with all relevant regulations.

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Explore endless benefits with NEXT.

We have created one of the fastest and cheapest blockchains to date. Join our ecosystem by holding NEXT, host a Masternode or join our shared masternode program! Do you feel like doing hard work? Start mining!

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Endless Potential

We have created one of the fastest, most cost efficient, and decentralized blockchains to date. You can support our network by launching a Masternode independently or sharing one with friends! Or maybe you prefer mining? Which we also support as NEXT.chain is a PoW/PoS hybrid.

Holding NEXT enables:

Trading fee distributions

Based on the amount of NEXT you hold relative to the circulating supply, you will receive distributions of trading fees generated on our platform.With the exception of necessary operating costs. We believe in a shared economy.

Fiat gateways

The digital asset industry is in need of efficient fiat gateways.We are able to provide NEXT holders and KYC approved users with access to fiat deposits, withdrawals, and pairings through our partners.

Early access

NEXT holders gain exclusive access to trade new listings up to 14 days earlier.