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a hybrid decentralized crypto exchange is the first hybrid decentralized exchange market for crypto and ICO tokens.
On our platform, you can trade internationally, anywhere and anytime. Say Bye Bye to Banks.

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More than generic tokens

The tokens can be used to power transactions on a wide class of different assets which are all tradable on

Crypto <> Fiat

Only tokenholders are able to trade between crypto and fiat (for example, BTC/EUR or ETH/USD) to maximize their profits.

Early access

Tokenholders get the exclusivity to trade new listings up to 14 days earlier.

What are the benefits of using

We believe that anybody can make substantial profits in the cryptocurrency and digital asset market. This is exactly why we developed the best exchange with the most unique features.

  • Crypto Mining Pool

    Crypto Pool Trading

    Our platform is capable of obtaining high trading volumes and generating substantial profits. Pool trading helps spread your risk while investing in the top 30 cryptocurrencies on the market.

  • Community Trading

    Community Trading

    Our platform provides users with the ability to upload their own smart contracts in order to participate in a very active and thriving smart contract community for trading and increased exposure.

  • Crypto Mining Pool

    Crypto Mining

    Users will be granted the option of investing their funds in multiple mining pools. Mining pools operate on a constant, passive earning model. Returns on investments from our mining pools will be split amongst investors.

  • ICO Profiling

    ICO Profiling

    All of the ICO’s listed on our platform will have their own profile, through which the community at can easily get in touch with the team behind the ICO, as well as enjoy direct updates and news from them. Kind of like Facebook, imagine a social profile for ICO’s, we like to call it the ICO-book.

  • Investments Funds

    Investments Funds will offer its users fully managed investment funds. Generally, pools of small-sized companies or ICO’s. Additionally, users won’t need to second guess or go through hassles when deciding when to buy or sell.

  • Referral program

    Referral programs

    Our platforms referral program is designed to benefit both, the referred and referrers. A community bonus system will soon be implemented. Expect low fees, or even no fees for your hard work, as well as other bonuses.

Built on Blockchain

Secure and immutable receipts accompany every transaction to ensure full transparency though the use of Blockchain tech.

ICO launches

Deploy a smart contract in minutes. Add new and existing funds and trade them instantly on NEXT.Exchange

Multi-Asset Trading

Peer to peer trading platform that allows individuals and institutions to trade between fiat, crypto and other digital assets

Regulation Compliant

We are an established Dutch company that is in line with regulations and compliances. We won't ever go down.

Top market cap

Market Cap
Available Supply
Volume 24h
% 1h
% 24h
% 7d
Bitcoin BTC
$ 8,610.24
$ 145,805,692,227
16933987.0 BTC
$ 5,458,330,000

Ethereum ETH
$ 527.91
$ 51,920,858,001
98352282.0 ETH
$ 1,513,450,000

Ripple XRP
$ 0.65
$ 25,418,824,089
39094094840.0 XRP
$ 453,812,000

Bitcoin Cash BCH
$ 999.41
$ 17,022,189,606
17032188.0 BCH
$ 341,355,000

Litecoin LTC
$ 161.11
$ 8,981,282,760
55745239.0 LTC
$ 405,778,000

Cardano ADA
$ 0.20
$ 5,147,223,533
25927070538.0 ADA
$ 202,314,000

$ 6.78
$ 5,051,393,002
744579775.0 EOS
$ 1,142,860,000

$ 68.38
$ 4,444,576,500
65000000.0 NEO
$ 152,778,000

Stellar XLM
$ 0.24
$ 4,414,258,293
18548940424.0 XLM
$ 55,235,600

$ 1.30
$ 3,612,889,052
2779530283.0 MIOTA
$ 36,802,400


Meet the Team

Mean and clean, no overhead. Only successful entrepreneurs and business professionals with a proven track-record. Want to help us on our path towards a financial revolution? Then let's talk.


Christiaan van Steenbergen

Founder & Angellist Europe

Gleb Jout

Blockchain Consultant, Content & Strategy Manager

Drs. Chris Haveman

Board advisor & Business Strategy Operations

Mr. Rob van Dijk

Laywer & Head of Legal Operations
+ 11 skilled developers. NEXT have decided not to reveal the names of the developers in order to preserve safety.

November 2nd, 2017

Pre-ICO launch

November 20th, 2017

Start Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

December 10th, 2017

First token integration into the exchange

December 14th, 2017

Showcase for tokenholders

December 31th, 2017

End Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

January 2018 launch for tokenholders

February-March 2018

Acquire investments license for EU public platform launch

Q2 2018

Fully operational platform with local currency integration

Q3 2018

Launch of Investment Assets & Funds

2019 IPO on EURONEXT and OTC Market

“We are building the most easy to use interface, so even your grandma can exchange in crypto”

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